It Wasn’t Meant To Be A Joke

posted Friday, 13 June 2008

Written today and first published here


—You know I murdered her?

—You’re joking!

—It wasn’t meant to be a joke.

—Was it an accident, then?

—Sort of. She had the accident and I simply made it look like murder.


—To keep people guessing.


—Yes, people love guessing, specially concerning the circumstances of a murder. Some even have dinner parties all centred around solving a murder.

—So you made it look like a murder so as to give guests at a Murder Dinner something to think about!

—Yes, that and to keep the police murder squad in a job! (Laughs)

—But it was an accident all the time? Weren’t you risking everything just for a joke.

—I told you it wasn’t meant to be a joke.

—So did everyone take it seriously?

—Sort of. Till they found me with the murder weapon in my hand.

—But you didn’t murder her, you said.

—She had tripped and fallen on to the knife by accident. I was simply ready to attack the roast chicken. (Laughs).

—So it wasn’t a real murder then? You were just making it seem like a murder?

—No, it wasn’t a murder, but it was a dinner.


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