By DF Lewis 

Through the mists of time and the relatively clearer gaps between them, there swooped the Beasts upon detachable wings of silver and steel scales. The rhythmic clanking and clanging could be heard from one universe to the next, even permeating the otherwise dead silence of those untenable realities which lay endlessly beyond the edge of the tenable ones. Each Beast was itself larger than a good-sized star and their wing-spans spread like heavenly shafts of white light through the depleted blacknesses of deepest space. Suddenly (and in the time-scale of which I speak, ‘suddenly’ lasted longer than a tandem of eternities in your own scale), the biggest Beast with by far the biggest wings with an ego bigger than the rest put together collided head-on with an even bigger Black Hole. Gradually, the eventual consequences of such a shunt became clear, but even God (whom I once was) wasn’t around to weigh the repercussions in His own silver and steel balances.


By DF Lewis


The huge digital clock clacked loudly like an old-fashioned cricket scoreboard where a run was scored every second. The double clack each ten seconds relieved to some extent the otherwise hypnotic rhythm. He was waiting for a late night train. Nobody else was on the platform, but he did spot a foetus-like rodent scampering along one of the rails. For one moment, he thought it was the live rail, but following the creature’s disappearance behind a wooden plank, he assumed he must have been mistaken. The clouds had disappeared too, leaving the stars untangled, the moon uncluttered – except for two dark shapes approaching each other which were none of these things. Not aeroplanes with silent flashing lights, more like ill-defined ink-blots each about the size of age-grimed pre-decimal penny upon the scale of his eye to the sky. Then the two shapes merged like cells under a microscope and suddenly shone as a silver half-crown. He wondered if he was the only one to notice these happenings in the sky, just before he felt the fatal electric shock in the ground as the Earth shorted at approximately 23:57:33.





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