THE LAST BALCONY (my definitive collection published by the excellent InkerMen Press) seems to have been doing well on Amazon. It really is a classy looking hardback – but I leave others to judge the contents! Which brings me to reviews. I am unaware as yet if any review copies have been sent out and, indeed, whether I think they ever should be sent out. It’s a moot point with me. I shall just let things happen – or not happen. There is something serendipitous about non-action on my part, I’ve always thought. As positive as action itself! And at the age of nearly 65, that seems even more sensible today. :)

After all, a work remains the same work (good or bad), whether it is publicised or not. Whether it is reviewed or not. Whether the author is a good or bad person. Whether he goes to conventions or not.

But I love reading reviews. My old friend and sparring partner Rhys Hughes has kindly started a real-time review of THE LAST BALCONY. There seems much intrinsic truth in what he has been saying. And when he changes his mind ‘in media res’ (the beauty of real-time reviewing). As he publicly stated on Facebook, he bought the book as a normal customer from Amazon – and luckily he seems to have been enjoying it (in the main and so far!). Thanks, Rhys.

Dan Ghetu of Ex Occidente also kindly sort of reviewed it on TLO, calling it the best ever author collection, or words to that effect!

So. yes, two reviews so far. :)


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