Real-Time Thanks

Printed inside the book:
“Special thanks and love to the following people in alphabetical order (my childhood-to-adult ‘family’ and all of them know for themselves the comparative degree of their creative influence upon and/or help with the existence of and/or love for dfl over many many years): amw, bit/at, djl, dsw/mw, gl, ial, igl, jh/ah, pfj, pw, ro’c, the wlgr family. I only hope I made sufficient return.
The stories in this book – including those that were not previously published in print – have appeared in various places on-line over the years. I would like to thank specifically the TLO, RCMB and TTA forums and the BFS for their support together with much love and gratitude to all my friends in the Small Press over many years.
In connection with this book specifically, I would like to thank Dan Watt of InkerMen Press. And also to thank Slawek Wielhorski and S.D. Tullis for helping me to choose some of the stories to appear here. Finally, thanks to the Clacton-on-Sea Writers’ Group for their real-time reviews of my homework.”

The above phrase “friends in the Small Press” contains many people too numerous to mention, and invidious to pick some out.

Now to add to the above specific thanks regarding the book’s text and story choice etc:-
Today (30/7/12), I’ve seen the final product-in-the-hand with, consequently, its splendid non-text aspects and design — and I would like to thank Tony Lovell very much for his truly wonderful art: working so well in the overall context: and thanks to Dan Watt for using Tony’s artwork in the design when arranging for the book to be printed.


One response to “Real-Time Thanks

  1. Thanks, Des. That’s really kind.

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