Yesterfang Self-Commentary

As part of a series of reflections upon my own six novellas continued from HERE, I shall now be concentrating on the novella below.…


The InkerMen Press 2013

Yesterfang, s. [Eng. yester and fang.]
That which was taken, captured, or caught on the day preceding.
“That nothing shall be missing of the yesterfang.”
Holinshed: Descript of Scotland , ch. ix

My own hindsight views on it appear in the comment stream below…

3 responses to “Yesterfang Self-Commentary

  1. This novella was publicly drafted on-line around 2008 or 2009 and first published by The InkerMen Press (D.P.Watt) in ‘The Last Balcony’ collection of 2012.

    Part I – In all dreams but yours and that perhaps says it all. Jawn having been born inside the casement of an electric spinning fan, this is an extended fanblade fable about his wandering and adventuring within different cities in an accreting fantasy world. The cities are named after writers in our own world, each city resonating with its writer.
    Sex and love.
    The artwork of Panoply at the end of Part II – The Pest of all Worlds is something I wish I had written. Oh, I did write it!
    This I now consider to be my best work, more accomplished than ‘Ladies’; it is the culmination of Agra Aska’s early rawness. I don’t think I need to say anything else about it. So resistant to real-time reviewing for obvious reasons of it being ‘in all dreams but yours’.
    I shall just show one passage from the novella, something written by Jawn himself…

    VALUE by Hiver Jawn
    Everyone has their value except me. I was an unwanted child who remained unwanted for as long as I can remember. My real mother didn’t want me. My foster mother soon didn’t want me. The people in the children’s home didn’t want me even before I got there. My friends didn’t want me or they wouldn’t want me if I had friends. The school didn’t want me. Then the special school didn’t want me. The prison didn’t want me as it was too full. Finally I didn’t want me.
    Then I met you. You seemed to want me. I can never understand why you wanted me. I asked you time and time again what possible value could someone like me have for someone like you. You always smiled without answering. So I had to keep asking. The fact that you kept on not answering my question, I lost my temper with you one day. You vanished that night, with my question still unanswered. Leaving a single tooth under my pillow.

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